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Web Page Creators initially entered the Web Site creation arena back in the mid 90's when the Internet and World Wide Web was getting a face lift with the likes of Mozaic and various browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer were competing in the browser wars.

Before I retired in 1999, I had accumulated a wealth of practical business experience from working in graphic design, marketing communications, technical marketing and a field sales engineering environment. It provided me with the know-how of effectively portraying a business and their goals from brochures and advertising media to using the Web and Internet as an advertising medium.

Karl SchmidtHaving my own Web Development business, I like to create cutting edge Web sites for small to medium sized companies that can definitely set your business apart from the others.

My expertise in graphic design and Web design services will make the most of your company's image. I can help your company reach new audiences, sell products and services, generate product awareness, increase customer satisfaction, relay information, receive feedback, provide professional service and assure satisfaction.

In addition to creating Web site initiatives from scratch, I can also host your Web site on our secure servers.

Web Page Creators offers business owners Free Consultation and utilizes a four-part method of working with our clients so that we project the goals of the business with the needs of their customers.





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